Married coworkers in love! ? How do I know the other’s seriousness? Can you get married?

The relationship between married men and single women who are dating is called affair. If this is both married people, double affair.

If you think normally, double affair is more likely to be missed, and because you have family eyes each other, do not you think that stress is applied and you can not stand?

In fact, there are many cases where the double affair of married people is longer lasting than ordinary affair.

This time, I would like to write about why double affair lasts longer than ordinary affair.

The reason why double affair lasts

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I want to know the reason why the double affair is summer months, I want to know if the forbidden love between married people works well, I also want to know the addition place when it is done, I want to keep the relationship with the other party long.

I think each person has their own thoughts, but here are a few reasons why the double affair lasts.

Family is important to each other

If one is a normal affair of married people. It is very troublesome when a single person starts to want to make the other party his own. As this happens, predatory love begins, and the relationship will not be stable and will not last long.

The worst is to break away and start threatening to steal.

In that respect, since there are families that want to protect both sides of double affair, there is a common secret that barring is bothersome, and it seems that there are few people who do affair thinking that they want to break the family and deepen the relationship.

There is some dissatisfaction, and it may be a presence that fills the ditch, but in terms of cooking it is a little spice.

Main is a family.

Because we finally met

What I notice when I get married is the feeling, “Maybe I was not this person?”

However, children are also born, and having a home is usually a normal married person who continues its life.

Affair is also difficult to find the other party, but it is also surprisingly difficult to meet.

Since I have a feeling of being unfulfilled every day that I do affair, I am doing affair because I am satisfied with being able to meet precious beings, so if I am a double affair, I think both sides There is no one who has it.

It may be said that a miracle.

The feeling that I do not want to lose the other party I met with such a miracle probability is the factor that makes the double affair last long.

Home works well

In fact, there are many cases in which the family works well when doing double affair.

The burden of doing bad things can now be noticed in household matters such as household chores, conversations, etc., that have been hated until now.

In addition, because the relationship with the other party works well, the brightness is returned to the home as you are physically and mentally satisfied.

In fact, despite the fact that both sides have an affair, there is a fugitive phenomenon in which the inside of the family gets around well.

The family works well, the relationship between the two is satisfactory, and no one gives up such benefits.

Hard to get serious

Do not be serious about the tips to keep the affair going.

When you become serious in love, it will develop into predatory love, but this requires considerable risk and readiness.

When I noticed that my fever got cold, I was wrong. When I noticed it was late but life was a waste.

But the double affair between married people is hard to be serious and lasts long as it tries to maintain a delicious relationship between the two.

Whether a married man is serious or play sees in this psychology and behavior

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Will men come close to you because they really like you? No, physical purpose? Something is getting closer these days?

What kind of feeling are you talking at all? Are you approaching? There are times when you do not understand.

This time a man who does affair. In particular, we will introduce you how to find out your true and negative thoughts by knowing the psychology and behavior of married men.

Married men’s true feelings

I would like to know what the true nature of men who are affair.

What is the real idea? Do you just want to make a convenient relationship? I have a lot of things these days but what is this?

I would like to eliminate such a haze this time.

But I want to know the real thing. I also want to know what happens. If you want to reveal this trouble, let’s talk to a fortune teller specializing in adultery consultation. You will surely get a clear answer.

Check what kind of family

In a conversation, the easiest way to understand him is to ask him about his family.

If you don’t complain about your family, or if you don’t talk in detail, it’s safe to say he thinks your family is more important than you.

You may be liked, but it’s only looking for temporary healing or crush.

In other words, not serious

In this case, do you divide and associate? It is better to decide your own stance if you want to keep the distance early.

Check from the way of body touch

It is one of the expressions of affection to those who give favor, but depending on the way of the body touch, you can understand how the other person seems to you.

It’s safe to say that if you touch “shoulders, hands, head” etc., it feels “cute” in psychological terms.

However, I do not know at all if this is serious.

Hug is actually the same, and it is a love expression when saying “I want to heal, I want to be healed”, so I do not know that it is serious unless it is a very intense hug.

Conversely, if you touch the lower body of your waist, thighs, waist, etc., you are likely to seek a physical relationship with you purely.

Check out the anniversary behavior

You can check various actions, but especially on Christmas Day, it is a day when lovers are supposed to spend time together, and if you check how the other men act you will naturally understand the other’s psychology I can do it .

Even if it is a man who is trying to affair, it may be difficult to expect it because it does not go out when it is necessary to spend with a family during the winter holidays. However, it is the birthday that becomes a valuable barometer there.

It is surprisingly important that we can spend the day together on both birthdays.

There is no doubt that you are thinking of you if you come only to your birthday, but your birthday is neither important nor anything for the other family, so it is easy for the other married men Of course.

However, since the birthday of the other man is an important day for the family, it is natural to spend time with the family if it is normal, but if it is something to spend with you the feeling is inclined to you It will be no doubt thinking.

Reaction check when we talked about trouble

Let’s give a consultation of work that is not directly related to affair, and observe how the other party responds.

If you empathize with you and you bother seriously together, you may be thinking of you seriously.

Conversely, if you consult above and it is empty or not heard, it is very likely that you are not really thinking about you.

Of course, it is also related to this later thing, so if the other party does not put in black and white for important stories, you should be careful.

You can see the other’s favor if you observe the behavior

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You have been told about the low spirit and serious favors from the psychology and behavior of the affair married man, how was it?

What I want to say here is not because I am serious because I am serious, but because I have a lower mind.

The important thing is that it matches your feelings.

Let’s maintain a favorable relationship for you by carefully observing what kind of psychological state and behavior you are currently dealing with.